Custom is the Only Way to Go

There is a common misnomer that if it has an expensive label, it has to be good. This isn’t always true. Actually, it rarely is; especially when it comes to clothing. Many of us get so caught up in the prestige of the tags that we have no idea about the true quality of an item. This is a brand manager’s dream come true. I’ll explain.


Me working with my client Julius Hill

When I hear a man comes up to me like a baller and tells me, “This suit I’m wearing is Armani, what do you think about it?” My answer is, “Are you sure you want to know?” If he says yes, I tell him, “I think you got robbed.” And it’s true, he was taken to the cleaners. Heis wearing a suit that is worth about 15% of what he paid for it. That suit was manufactured in a suit mill along with about 30 other designers. The deciding factor between whether that suit goes to K&G for $199, Brooks Brothers for $899, or Neiman Marcus for $1995 is the tag that is applied inside. If you want really quality and prestige, buy custom. Custom is the ONLY way you can get quality, selection, and luxury. Any man that spends $900 or more for a suit, and it isn’t custom is throwing money away. PERIOD. I don’t care what the salesman (on commission) at Norstrom’s told you. He is supposed to make you feel good about spending too much money for a high production, mid quality,overpriced suit.  The tag in your suit should say Your Name, not a designer. I once wrote on my Facebook status that if you answer the question “Where did you get your suit?” with a store name, you were not a “Big Dog”. Real players have tailors, not store receipts. They have someone come out to their residence with a store full of fabric swatches and design his suits for him, then deliver them to his place of residence. If you still want to overspend on overpriced suits so you can brag to your friends that don’t know better, go right ahead. But if you want to graduate to the Big Boy’s Club, it starts with custom. After all why is some designer’s name more valuable to you than yours. This is just food for thought. Shop where you wish, but if you want to move up to the big leagues, go custom.

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