Shut Up Already! Give the Man Time!!!

obama speech

President Obama addressing Congress

I have about had more than my fill of media pundits and their daily criticism, gloom and doom about the way the President is handling the country. Every day there is a smorgasbord of negativity, second guessing and criticism. Even with things that aren’t even his issue yet.

I cannot tell you how sick I am already of the criticism he is taking for wanting to take more time before sending more troops overseas to die with no end game in mind. As a veteran that has been deployed in a forward area, I appreciate him taking the time to get this right. Why would you send 40,000 troops to Afghanistan to fight when they don’t have a stable government to take over, and let them come back home? Do they understand how this works. We send troops to establish peace, and the other directives they have, and once the government is stable, they take over, and we leave. Kind of like when the police show up at a fight. They don’t leave unless order is restored. Neither can we. Now I’m not about to get into whether we should be there or not, that isn’t the point. We are there now, and we have to deal with what we have. There is a rule. When you find yourself in a hole- STOP DIGGING! What exactly would we accomplish by sending more troops to fight, when we have no idea when we will bring them back home, or the condition they will come back in? Without a stable government to take over, we will be in this exact same place in no time. Except this time the body count will be higher. Now I understand that when we sign our names on the dotted line, we know we are putting ourselves in harm’s way. But we are also trusting the leaders above us to put us in the best position to come back home to our families.


This is why he should take his time. How would you feel if this were someone in your family?

I notice that the people talking the loudest about sending more troops immediately, don’t have kids headed there. Their kids are in their nice schools, colleges, and jobs living off the protection that we provide. Maybe if their children were going in that next wave, they would appreciate him taking the time to get it right. That’s what we should have done in the first place. We are not sending “troops”! Let’s stop dehumanizing them. We are sending mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. During the time that you have been reading this blog, some wife has just been notified that her husband has been killed, some husband just found out his wife is dead, some kid just realized he will never see mommy again, and at that same time, an 18 year old kid, fresh out out high school, who thought he had his whole life ahead of him, is ducking in a foxhole while a myriad of bullets pass over his head. That is war my friends. The victims aren’t just there. They are here. Don’t you think the 4 people I just mentioned are wishing their leaders had taken the time to get it right? I know I do. I’m not saying to not send troops. I’m just saying take the time to get it right. Lives depend on it.

Last Saturday night, I attended the Patriots Gala at Quail Hollow. They were raising money to help assist the wounded veterans that got injured in Afghanistan and Iraq. To the man, when asked if the President should send more men to fight they replied, “not if he doesn’t know when he’s going to bring them home.” Spend some time in a VA hospital or with a vet that has lost a leg, or an arm or his vision. Not watch it on television, spend some real live time. At my table, there were two mothers who’s sons were shipping out shortly. During the ceremony, the names of all of the military members from North Carolina that have died in these wars were named. These otherwise jubilant and vibrant women, were so upset and distraught that they had to leave that part of the ceremony. I wish you all could have seen, what I saw that night.

Now, I don’t agree with every decision the President has made. I don’t agree with every decision, ANYONE makes. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I am an American, and I believe you give a person a chance to do the job he was hired to do, before you throw him to the wolves. Wouldn’t we want the same for us.  He was getting criticized before he even got inaugurated. Give the man time! I wish DC was more about America and less about left and right, liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican. Imagine if households were run like that. Mommy disagreeing with daddy just because, and vice versa. The kids would be a mess and the house would be too. This isn’t governing, this is political gang warfare.

Rush limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

And to pundits like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the Republicans, Democrats, and whatever other parties, that have hours a day to judge and  bash the man for the job he’s doing. If you know so much and can do it so much better, stop hiding behind the microphones and keyboards! Either take a post, or run for office. Stop being instigators that just scare, anger, and confuse people. You are part of the problem. Scared people strike at everything, because they think they are defending themselves. They even hit the people that show up to help. If you have all the answers, get off your butt and run for office. Save the country since apparently, you are the only people in the world smart enough to do so. Serve your country by saving it. You have nothing better to do but cause confusion, anger and fear. To you I say may God bless you, now shut up!! I am doing the same.

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