Please Facebook Limit The Number of Events Invitations

I’m a businessman. I fully understand the necessity of marketing, promoting, and exposure. I even understand the desire to want to constantly be in front of the world

Facebook, please limit the number of events promoters can send per week!

to get your name out there. I also understand that social media is a great way to get your name out to a ton of people for little to no money. HOWEVER, there is a such thing as overkill, and some of you Facebook promoters are past that point. First let me explain what I like to call the exposure cycle.

There are 6 stages of exposure:

1. Initial exposure: The first time you hear a commercial or gain some knowledge of an event or product.

2. Acknowledgment: You process the existence of an event or product, and loosely place it in your memory bank.

3. Curiosity: You actually get interested in the product, and consider learning more about it.

4. Acceptance: You become accustomed to the advertising and have no ill feeling towards it.

5. Annoyance: You see the advertisement so often, that you begin to have a negative response when you see or hear about it.

6. Rejection: You reach a point of rebellion and either tune out, tune away from, or refuse to ever attend or utilize the product.

This isn’t scientific, this is just from my experience in business. People have a low tolerance for being harassed, especially when it comes to them being told what to do. Even more so, when it comes to telling people where to go. Though I acknowledge Facebook has been a great exposure source for me and it has made me thousands of dollars, there is a reason it has worked for me. I don’t bombard my Facebook friends with an endless barrage of event advertisements.

When I first opened my Facebook account, I enjoyed hearing about various events in the area. I still do. But it has gotten to be too much. Everyday I get literally bombarded with event invitations. My message inbox looks like I work for an event planning company. For every actual personal message I get, I get 20 event invitations. This is one thing. But what gets on my nerves is they come from the same 10 people, and you know who you are. Facebook promoters harass us with invitations to stuff we have no desire to go to. I will get 12 messages, all from the same person, about 12 different events in about 10 minutes time. Enough already! And if you are one of these people using the service, I suggest you research your promoter. There are promoters now that I literally don’t even read their messages anymore. When I see their name, I just delete the message. Not because of the type of event, but they have gotten on my last nerve. If you are paying for this, you are losing your money on people like me. Not only do I not read the events, I immediately delete it. And I know tons of people who feel this way. I wish Facebook would put a limit to how many events you can promote per month, because this is beyond aggravating.

Now I’m not trying to stop someone from making a living. We all have to eat. But cool out with the overzealous event promotion. Put together a strategic campaign based on your target market/ clientele. In other words, do your job and stop being lazy and just sending crap to everybody.  Have some pride and dignity in what you do. I’m a private clothier, if I am having a campaign, I want my message going out to my potential clients, not 30 men that dress like they fell off a truck heading to Rap City. My campaigns are targeted, and they only come out maybe once every couple of weeks (if that often). I don’t want to know about every party you are involved in, honestly. I don’t want to get bombarded with invitations to every event that everyone of your clients is throwing. In about 3 more days, my number of Facebook friends will be much smaller. My Twitter followers already are. I’m going to de-friend about 20-25 people because they flood me with too many events. So please stop sending me and the rest of us a bunch of junk we don’t need. And if you are a business looking for a social media marketer, make sure they know how to drive a successful campaign for you. Not just send your information to people who don’t care, at your expense.  That’s my rant. You all have a great day.

God Bless and dress well

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