Never Stop Listening to Your Clients

If you pay attention, Washington will teach you how to NOT run a business. The biggest lesson they are teaching is to listen to your clients. If you don’t listen to your clients, they WILL go elsewhere for what they want. The state of Massachusetts, a historically Democratic state, voted a Republican party for the first time in over 50 years. Immediately, we were saturated with the spin and propaganda from both sides. Democrats are saying their candidate didn’t run a proper campaign. Republicans are saying it was a message to the Washington, DC status quo. Which one is correct? Neither. Change came because the people felt like they weren’t being listened to. The Democratic candidate was so arrogant, that she just assumed she would win, so she never heard the pleas of her constituency. The winner wasn’t a Republican either, he was an Independent that did 3 things. 1. Recognized an Independent couldn’t win in MA. 2. Campaigned and listened to the people. 3. Formulated his main issue, based on the response from the voters. In essence, HE JUST LISTENED TO HIS CLIENTS.

The new voter is the same as the new client. Today’s client is not loyal to a particular store, company, or party. They are loyal to their needs. That’s it. That’s the list. So if you are going to be successful in business or politics, you need to listen to your clients. They will let you know their needs. Either by continuing to patronize your business, or by going elsewhere. The Massachusetts election wasn’t a Republican win. He will likely vote about as much for one side as the other. He said in his acceptance speech that he didn’t owe any party anything. He won because he recognized the most important things weren’t polls, and donors. It was the needs of his customers. They wanted someone they felt was listening.

Your customer wants you to listen. I have been successful because I was able to use my ideas as guides, not an absolutes. Many times I have had ideas that I thought were magnificent, and they were really just junk. If I hadn’t had the ability to adjust to my clients’ overwhelming response to my ideas or changes, I would have been out of business by now. However, I did listen to then, and they have made me successful. If you think you have a great idea, but no on else is buying from you, maybe your idea isn’t so great. Remember, fall in love with your wife or girlfriend, not your ideas. They will betray you and destroy you if they don’t work and you don’t adjust. Be willing to make changes if you need. That is how you succeed.

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