My Words to the Haters!

I am one of the most exclusive custom clothiers in the world. I target the best of the best, and have been successful for it. I openly try to help as many people as I can. I make charitable contributions, and I speak to more kids in a month than many do in a lifetime. Non-profits are a part of my annual budget. I am successful and I attempt to make others successful, and bless those who ask as God has blessed me. And you know what, I have a TON of haters.

I will admit that  it can be very hurtful when people you care about stab you in the back. It’s a level of betrayal little can compare to. And it can really throw you for a loop. Now that I have acknowledged that, get over it. That’s all the power you should give it. You have to treat haters like a mosquito. They will sneak up and stick you, and suck the blood out of you, then when they are full they will move on to the next person. They don’t really contribute anything to the ecosystem. They just buzz in your ear, suck the life out of you, then move on to the next person. And no matter what you do, you cannot get rid of them. You get rid of one, another replaces it.

Haters have a purpose in your life. They are the true gauge of your success. If someone takes the time to hate on you for no reason, that means you are making an impact. If they REALLY hate on you, you are having an effect. If they can’t stand you, and you’ve never done anything to them, You are becoming a success. You want haters. You need haters. Hating is the acknowledgement of jealousy, by people to ignorant to know they are jealous. Think about it. How often do you hear a person get hated on that is just average? You don’t! People hate on those that are accomplishing things in front of them that they could’ve done; but was too lazy to try. That’s fine. Let them hate. In fact, try to double your haters like you double your profits. But don’t give them power.

People only have as much power as you give them. It is always the person with the least to offer that is always adding their 2 cents. I have often wondered how someone with so little knowledge, can have so much to say; how someone with so little success is able to predict MY achievement of greatness. And how it’s always the person that is most ignorant that always speaks the loudest. But then I learned the answer. When a person is a loser and a miserable failure. They realized they will never be more than someone else allows them to be. Whether it’s their boss, significant other, family members, or friends; they will never rise above anyone. So their only option is to attempt to bring others down to their level. If you have those kinds of people in your life, here is what you say to them. Thank you.

Thank them for letting you know you are better than them. Thank them for letting you see how much you affect them. Thank them for letting you realize you are a rising star. And last, but not least, thank them for letting you realize you are making a difference. Then warn them. Let them know there is more to come. Here is my response to my haters, feel free use it yourself.

“If you were upset with my success last year, you are going to be sick with the success this year. I am coming bigger, stronger, harder and with more attitude and resolve than ever. I will succeed because God said I was a winner. As I succeed I will help others succeed, which will probably make you even madder. So I offer you two suggestions. 1. Go see your doctor and get a prescription for the stress your nerves are going to endure as I succeed. 2. Take the knife out of my back and use it to cut the strings of pride that are binding you, and let me help you succeed as well.  For even though I use your hate as motivation, I would rather use your love as inspiration.”

God Bless and Dress Well

William Wilson

The Clothier