Consistency Pays Off

William Wilson, CEO William Wilson Clothing

I was going to post an article on planning today, but a very cool thing just happened to me, that I think bears sharing. I just got off the phone with a new client. Not just any client. This gentleman is one of the biggest CEO’s in America. He is on numerous television shows, and in magazines. His words effect the stock market. Per my clients’ wishes, I will not divulge his name. I am posting this, with his permission, to explain why he decided to pick me as his private clothier.

He told me he had been observing me for about 6 months. I spoke at a university and his son was impressed by my speech. That night, he spoke to his dad and asked him who handled his clothing. His dad told him, and asked him why. He told his dad he had heard me speak and he was impressed. So he started observing me. He said he liked that I was committed to exclusivity by limited my clients to 200, and only accepting 3 new clients a month. He also felt I understood his demanding world. He told me the clothier’s he has dealt with in the past have had no idea what his world is like, and thus what his needs were, or how to deal with them. But he said what really solidified his interest in me was the way I handled a disagreement I had with my friend Sam Badger on Facebook one day. Though she and I disagreed on some points, he appreciated that I defended her when others got involved and attempted to attack her. He said it spoke towards my integrity, and my personal brand.

When he called me this morning (personally I might add). Though he truly expected me to back off my wait list position. He appreciated that I didn’t. And happily accepted a spot on my waiting list. Staying with my principles and business model impressed him so much, he not only went on the wait list, he stated that  he wanted me to replace every suit and dress shirt in his closet, and sent a sizable deposit as a show of good faith.

So as you go on with your day, understand this. Someone is watching you at all times. Someone may be watching the way you handle your business this very second. Will they be impressed with what they see, or turned off by it? That decision is up to you. A consistent brand management strategy is speaks volumes to your integrity, your commitment to excellence, your professionalism, and your desire to be the best.

Thank you for your time,

God Bless and Dress Well

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