There’s Never A Bad Time For Cuff Links

William Wilson, CEO William Wilson Clothing

I spend 80% of my waking hours in a suit. I don’t always wear a tie, but there is usually a good chance you will see wearing my signature accessories: my diamond earrings, a luxury timepiece, and pocket square (especially if I don’t wear a tie), and cuff links. I would not recommend you wear earrings to your place of employment, especially 4ct each, like I wear. That could be detrimental to your career (or just look crazy). But I would highly recommend 2 of the 4 accessories I mentioned, A nice timepiece and cuff links.

To me, cuff links are the quintessential male accessory. They are versatile, elegant, and (can be) inexpensive. I am in the process of replacing all of my regular shirts with French cuffed shirts. I like the look, the flexibility, and option of wearing them on any occasion, from casual to black-tie. If you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt, you can wear cuff links. I am known for wearing jeans (when I actually do wear jeans) and a French cuffed shirt. I think it provides an added level of style without going too far.

Your choice of cuff links is important though. You may not want to wear a pair of gaudy, pretentious cuff links if you are trying to be low key. By definition, that doesn’t work. But if you are wanting to add a personal touch to your style, cuff links are an effective-yet inexpensive (though they can be VERY expensive) way to do so. For those of you not fully committed to the cuff link game, I would recommend whats called a convertible cuff. It can be worn as a regular buttoned cuff shirt, or with cuff links. Many of my clients take this approach. It provides them with options. And they come in handy if they’re in a rush and forget their cuff links.
They can just button the shirt and keep going.

I actually look to see if men are wearing cuff links when I meet with them. It doesn’t change my opinion of them, but I like to see it. It speaks to a heightened sense of style, image, and dedication. It doesn’t make you a better businessman. I just think it looks better. But this is my perspective. Until next time…

God bless and dress well,

William Wilson

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