The Difference Between Style and Fashion

William Wilson, CEO William Wilson Clothing

I’m sorry to break the news to you about this, but it’s the truth. Fashion and style ARE NOT the same thing. Fashion is about trends. Fashion is a seasonal decree, dictated by a 4-5 block stretch of high-end real estate in Manhattan, known as Madison Avenue. There, some of the supposed brightest minds in fashion convene and decide what to tell the world they should be wearing this season. Notice I said for the season. Because unlike style, fashion is seasonal. It’s inconsistent, and flighty at best. Fashion is the man/woman that dates someone new every 4 months, and then dumps him just because she likes to change her surroundings. That’s what fashion is. Every season, there is a new look that makes last year’s look immediately inappropriate. Not because there is anything wrong with the quality, construction, or condition of the garment, but because a NEW line has come out. When you think of it, fashion is the silliest, yet most revered to, snake oil scam in the world. How else can you get normally intelligent people to go out and spend money (often that they can’t really afford to spend) on a whole new wardrobe, just so people don’t look down on them when they are in public in last season’s attire? I mean seriously?

I’m about style! And I recommend my clients to be the same way. The reason? Style is personal. Style is not dictated by the label on the jacket, or the designer who created the garment. You own your style. You own your look. Your style is an integral part of your personal brand. When you own your style, you allow yourself to display consistency and individual personality. Fashion is the creation of a fashion think tank called a retail clothing brand. Style is chosen, maintained, and intimately attached to the individual wearing the garment.

William Wilson- dressed casually as he sits on the steps of his plane.

My style consists typically of a custom suit (William Wilson of course) and dress shirt (also William Wilson), a tie (optional), pocket square, diamond earrings (4ct each) and a luxury timepiece. That’s my professional style. casually, I will tend to wear jeans, and a French cuff shirt, and sometimes gym shoes (depending on the occasion). The earrings and timepiece are a foundation staple to my style and therefore are always on. This is how I dress, it doesn’t matter how many new styles come out, I am not affected because I am the designer of my style. I refuse to let a group of people sit in a conference room and dictate what I buy with my money, or whether or not I am in style or not. I dictate my style, not Madison Avenue.

If you want to have true control of your image, you must have true ownership of your style. That is the only way. Buy what fits your style and personality. Don’t just buy garments because the designer is hot this season, or you because you saw it on Sex and The City2. Trust me; it will be a cleaning rag by this time next year. You can always make adjustments to your style. But make them because you want to. Not because a bunch of fashionistas decided your wardrobe was out of style. Which is basically what you are doing when you scurry to always stay up with the trends and fashion.

I hope you found this to be useful. Until next time…

God bless and dress well,

William Wilson

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