15 Fun Facts About William Wilson

William Wilson, CEO William Wilson Clothing

Much of my life is pretty much available on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. It’s pretty much an open book. However, I tend to keep my private life extremely private. I prefer to keep the personal events and people in my life away from the hectic parts of my career. However, I’m often asked what are things about myself, that most people wouldn’t know. Well, most of those things that people don’t know are for the reason I just stated. I want to maintain my privacy. But here are a few little nuggets based on the questions I was asked from my previous survey on Facebook.

1. Is single with no kids.

2. Loves God, his mother and the Arkansas Razorbacks.

3. To this day has never met his father.

4. Loves to play golf.

5. Is a chronic workaholic.

6. Doesn’t like odd numbers.

7. Has a 540 sq.ft. bedroom, but sleeps on his couch almost every night.

8. Has a bedroom in his house that he hasn’t been in since August of 2006.

9. Has never had alcohol, smoked, done drugs, or been to a strip club.

10. Though his life is very hectic and visible. Prefers to spend private time watching television and surfing the internet.

11. Is much better at business than he is a relationships.

12. Biggest fears: The day I wake up and my mother doesn’t.

13. Loves public speaking and speaking to kids.

14. Collects luxury watches. Has over 20.

15. In elementary school, used to buy $1 worth of candy and sell it for $5.

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