William Wilson Clothing Launches New Line

William Wilson, CEO William Wilson Clothing

My business is built on certain creeds in life. they include 1. Never fall in love with your idea. 2. If more than 3 people give you the same advice consecutively, pay attention. And 3, support those that support you, and many others.

Now I am a lot of things. At times, I can be cocky, arrogant, and in some instances self absorbed. But one thing I am not, is unappreciative. I have received an enormous amount of love and support from my Facebook and Twitter families. Every time I have an event you guys show up and support, you read my blogs, you watch my videos and you give me feedback. You will never know the times I have been going through things personally, and your encouraging words have been a Godsend. But, I digress.

A common phrase many of you tell me is “I love your clothes. When I can afford it, I’m gonna buy something from you.” Though I know many people tell me that out of courtesy and support. I know many of you really want to purchase my garments. I understand my price point restricts many of you. I have thought about this and it seems wrong that the people who support me the most, are the ones that cannot afford my product. That’s why I am announcing to you first, the launch of a new line with a lower price point for William Wilson Clothing.

I have just completed a deal with one of my fabric manufacturers to provide me with 150 fabrics at a reduced rate (but not reduced quality). This allows me to provide 150 different, fully customizable suits (with no reduction of quality) starting in the $500-$600 range. I will also have limited shirts at $120 dollars. I know this may still leave some of you out and I apologize, but I can only lower my prices so much. I am also limiting the number of clients I take. (I have to maintain a level of exclusivity or I undermine my core brand.) Plus this will allow my new line clients to have the same feeling of exclusivity as my premium brand clients.

I am letting you in on this first. My official press release will be released Friday. Please know that I truly appreciate all the love and support, you guys give me. I can’t take all of your advice, but trust me, I am listening. Until next time…

God bless and dress well,

William Wilson

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