You Have To Be “A” Man – To Be “The” Man

William Wilson- dressed casually as he sits on the steps of his plane.

I am often reminded of why ignorance and alcohol should not occupy the same space. Last night I participated in an event called “The Best Bachelor Auction 2010”. It was a very nice event, for a incredibly worthy cause. We were raising money for children of domestic violence; an issue that is very near and dear to my heart. Thank yo to Metro-proponent for inviting me.

Many of the bachelors were dressed very nicely, and some even had a change of clothes to transition from the meet and greet, to the actual auction (and yes- I was one of them). As the night progressed, people were having a great time, money was being made, and women were enjoying the show. However, some of the bachelors appear to have forgotten they were at an event, not at the club. They forgot they were there to be auctioned off, not pick up women in the process. And last, and by no means least, that it was about the charity and the women, NOT about getting drunk. Now let me go on record as saying, it wasn’t the majority of them. It was only about 2-3 of them. The rest were complete gentlemen. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the ones that acted a fool, just happened to be the most casually dressed ones there. There’s a reason places have dress codes.

All it takes to ruin a person’s good time is too much alcohol. I watched some bachelors (again, a couple-not many) get drunk and act a pure fool over the course of the night. 1 to the point where the lady that won the date didn’t even want to follow through with it. I watched one bachelor flip off the crowd because he didn’t raise what he thought he was worth. Later in the evening, I saw one of the other bachelor’s flip off a young lady that I happened to be having a conversation with at the time. Though they knew each other, it was still inappropriate behavior. We had a conversation later in the evening about that; though I’m not sure he was sober enough to remember today.

Now this, in NO WAY, is a reflection, or condemnation, on the event, it’s sponsors, or the organizers. It was fun and people had a good time. And the organization made some money. This is a condemnation of immature behavior of boys that don’t know how to act, when called upon to be men. This is a repudiation of the behavior of a supposed men that acted with the maturity of junior high school students. But mostly, it’s my perspective on a behavior I witnessed that is but a mere a microcosm of  larger issue with our men today.

We need to get back to acting like- no- BEING gentlemen. We need to learn to act like men of character. We need to be men little boys aspire to be. We need to be men mothers use as a guideline to train their daughters about men. We need to be men people describe as charming, sophisticated, and debonair. We need to be examples of proper etiquette, not the reason clubs close down every 6 months. We need to be in the church on Sunday, like we are in the club on Friday and Saturday. We need to be in school, like we are at the party. We should give our ladies the same attention we give to our fantasy teams. We should spend as much time trying to impress our women with love, as we do impressing our boys with acts of sexual conquest. We need to be the type of men that make our ladies heart race with excitement of knowing we are in their lives, not because they are afraid of how we will act when we get angry, or drunk. We need to focus more on looking into our ladies eyes, not just getting in their pants. We need a vocabulary that includes more than elementary school words and slang learned from the latest hip hop hit. We need to be the example of how to dress, not be mid 20, 30 and Lord help them, 40 year olds that look old enough to be Lil Wayne’s father, but dress like we’re his little brother.

We need to be men. If you want to get treated like a man, be a man. If you want to be respected as a man, be a man. If you want the rewards of a man, do a man’s work. Quit acting like heathenish buffoons, and college frat boys and start acting like the men you were meant to be. And ladies, you have your role in this as well. Do you know why men show up to work on time? Because they will get fired if they don’t. Stop hiring bad employees, just for the sake of having an employee. Stop giving your number, your time, and your bodies to men that don’t treat you with the love, care and respect, you so richly deserve. It has never worked for you before, why do you think it would work this time? If you start holding men to a standard, the real men will naturally rise about the cesspool of mediocrity that you are currently forced to sift through.

Oh.. And to that poor lady that had her experience ruined, and cancelled the date with the drunk bachelor. I don’t know if we are, but if we are Facebook friends- message me. I’ll be your date. You don’t deserve to be cheated out of a good time when all you did was support a good cause, and do a nice thing.

This is the way I see the world. Some of you won’t agree. Some of you have been cussing me out this entire time. That’s fine. You are entitles to your opinion, as am I. maybe I helped some, maybe not. But either way, I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. Until next time…

God bless and dress well,

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

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