“Create My Cranberry Drink” Contest

William Wilson, CEO William Wilson Clothing

I want my own cranberry drink. If Diddy can have a drink, so can I! But here’s the thing; I want you guys to help me create it. I want a drink I can call my own. I’m not saying it will become a household name like an Arnold Palmer (lemonade and ice tea), but why couldn’t it? The Arnold Palmer wasn’t always an Arnold Palmer, now was it? The person who creates and names the coolest drink, will receive a free custom shirt from- the soon to launch- William Wilson Black Label. Now this is not your ordinary shirt. I can’t reveal too much about the Black Label (since  we haven’t officially lauched it yet (my PR team would kill me) but I will tell you this- not everyone will be able to get this shirt, (and not just because of the price). By the way, this is a $250 shirt.

Now there are a few rules.

1. I drink cranberry juice when I’m out, So it must contain cranberry juice.

2.  It has to be non-alcoholic. I don’t drink, and I want something little kids can drink as well as adults.

3. You have to explain the combination you picked.

4. You have to be able to make it sound cool.

5. It has to match my personality, style and brand.

6. You have to give it a cool name. I’m all about branding, so it better not be a cheesy name. (I’m partial to calling it the Clothier– so it better be good)

To enter- just place your idea in the comments section of the blog. Winner will be contacted shortly after selection.

I look forward to your creations. If I get two of the same drink combinations, the best name and description will be the one I choose to select. This may be your only chance to get a William Wilson Black Label shirt. So don’t pass it up. I will be promoting this contest via other media soon. So you are getting a head start. Until next time…

God bless and dress well,

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

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