On The William Wilson Radar: Model: Seth Carter

As a CEO of a premium luxury brand, I am bombarded with offers and requests to mentor people. Due to my busy schedule and responsibilities, I cannot always acquiesce these requests. But every once in a while, I meet someone that makes me sit back  and take notice. This happened recently with a young model by the name of Seth Carter.

Now Seth is a different kind of cat. He’s a good looking kid, and he has a great body. These are things you expect from a model. But he’s extremely quiet. At first glance, you would almost take it as arrogance or conceit. He’s doesn’t really talk much, and he is prone to just disappear for minutes at a time, when there is nothing going on. When it’s time to work, he does what he’s told, and may just disappear again until the next time you need him. The kid is so cool, he even moves slow. I joke with him and tell him if he ever got shot, he’d be okay, because it would take him 30 days to bleed to death.

Well yesterday, I was leaving rehearsal for a fashion show I’m walking in, and Seth was outside. I walk over to say good bye and he asked me if it was okay to ask me a question. I said sure. I will not divulge the details of our conversation, but over the course of what I thought would be a 5 minute chat, turned into an almost 30 minute conversation in a cold parking lot. It was very reminiscent of the conversation I had with my mentor, Leonard Wheeler. Over the course of the conversation, I could tell that asking questions and advice wasn’t extremely comfortable for him, but he did it anyway. That took courage. It takes a strong man to ask another man for help, or advice. We had a good talk and I could tell he was really processing what I said. I told him,”If you want to be successful, you have to stay focused and be prepared to lose friends. Be prepared to have naysayers and haters. And build yourself a network of successful people. As your career blossoms there will be days when the people in your circle will not understand what you’re going through. You will need those people that have been where you are, to help you get through it.” We also discussed other stuff. But the important thing to me was, he WANTS to be good. He wasn’t looking for a hookup. He wants to bebetter. He wants to be the best. Metaphorically, he wants to eat fish, but he wasn’t asking me to give him a fish. He was asking how to be a better fisherman, to catch his own fish.

That is the way you stand out in a crowd. There are many people out there that do what I do. I don’t have the answers to everything. I often have more questions than answers. But I bust my tail to be the best I can be, and I seek advice and counsel from others. And I keep God first. I believe God has blessed me because I strive to do the right thing, I work hard, and ask for advice from those wiser than me. That’s how Seth got on the William Wilson radar. He is already an extremely talented model. Other than Yandrick Paraison (who may be the best I’ve ever seen, period), Seth is one of the best around. He is off to a good start, and is doing things the right way. He has a few things to work on (and who doesn’t) but he is going to be a star. Seth is being groomed by Lesan Entertainment under the guidance of DeAngelo Byrd. He is getting good advice and is connected with a firm that is looking out for his best interest. That’s important. In the dog-eat-dog world of the fashion business, it’s great to have some protection. Until next time…

God Bless and dress well,

William Wilson, CEO
William Wilson Clothing

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