Put A Price Tag On Your Time

William Wilson, CEO

The 2 easiest ways to annoy me is to smack your food when you eat, and waste my time. I rarely encounter the former, but the latter is a constant battle. In my years of business, I have realized there are people that are always busy, but are never actually productive. It’s easy to be busy, just schedule a bunch of meetings, or events, to keep your calendar full. But to be productive requires planning, strategy, execution and follow up, in addition to a few others. I prefer to be productive.

Until you put a valuation on your time, you have no problem wasting it. My most valued asset is time. I can make more money. I can meet new people. I can even gain more clients. But I cannot add more time. Therefore, I choose to not waste my time on irrelevant things, people and conversations. It’s not that I’m better than anyone else, I just don’t have the time to waste; even if I wanted to. To ensure I make the most of my time, I put a value on it. I value my personal time at $2000/ hour. So now before I spend 15 minutes having a conversation, I ask myself “Is this worth $500 that I can’t recoup?” If the answer is no, I respectfully find a way to exit the conversation.

Since I brought up the subject of filling your schedule with meeting. The most annoying thing to me in a meeting is when someone calls me to request a meeting and when I sit down they make this statement. “Tell me about your business.” You should already know about my business. Otherwise, why did you schedule the meeting in the first place. It tells me that you did not do you research and prepare for the meeting. It also eliminates the need to continue the meeting any further as far as I’m concerned. If you aren’t professional enough to prepare for your meeting, then you aren’t professional enough for me to do business with. Unless you say something that blows me away, you have very little chance of us doing business together.

If you have time to waste, you aren’t being the most productive. Successful business people are always trying to figure out ways to save time. They say “Time is money” Actually, time is more important than money. You can always make money, but time is a non-renewable resource. Until you give it a value, you will always waste it. But then again, that’s just me. Until next time……

God bless and dress well,

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

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