Remove The Social Leaches From Your Life

William Wilson, CEO

In every society, there are two types of people in which you can always count on coming in contact; those who support, and “social leaches”. By social leaches, I mean people you rarely see or talk to, that never support what you do, never reciprocate your kindness, and when you do hear from them, they always want a hookup. Until my brand began to take off, I never realized the depths to which these people existed or the level of audacity they have. The things they will ask for, without offering anything in return, is staggering. I have had over 20 people, that I haven’t talked to in over 6 months, contact me in the last 48 hours wanting to know if I would “hook them up” with clubhouse tickets to the race. Oddly enough, the last 2 times I heard from many of them, they were asking to get into my party/ tournament for free, or they wanted tickets to last October’s race. Beware of leaches in your life.

I recently held the third annual William Wilson Celebrity Invitational. It’s a private, ultra-exclusive celebrity golf tournament. Celebrities, CEOs, business executives and friends came out for a great party held at Jetpool’s private jet hanger, followed by golf at Carolina Lakes Golf Club. Now this is a very exclusive event, with very limited access from the public. In fact, t’s always been an invitation-only event. This year we opened ticket sales up to 50 people for $100. Given the status of attendees in the room, this was a steal. You’d be surprised the number of people that still called, texted, emailed, and used every other form of communication, asking if they could get in free. Again, these are people I rarely EVER hear from. They are not clients of William Wilson Clothing or Jetpool, and they are not offering anything in return. These people are social leaches.  They will suck every opportunity out of you they can, and when they have gotten what they want out of you, they will disappear until they need something else from you.

In business, time is your most important asset. You cannot afford to waste time dealing with people that bring no benefit to you. Maya Angelou once said, “When a person tries to show you who they are, let them.” If someone is showing you that they only show up when they need a hookup; that’s who they are. Accept that. This goes for business and personal environments. Don’t waste time and energy trying to convert a social leach. Use that time to build relationships with positive people that will yield positive results. I was recently asked how Ryan Stone of Jetpool and I had such a strong relationship. I told them the answer was simple “We both look out for each other. It’s not just a partnership. We’re friends. I help them, they help me. No one feels like they are being used, manipulated or being taken advantage of.” They seemed surprised by the simplicity of my answer. But it is what it is. No one wants to feel used. And if you only contact people when you “need a favor” you are using them. If you have social leaches in your life, remove them. There is nothing good that will come from that relationship, unless you’re the social leach. Until Next time…..God bless and dress well,

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

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3 thoughts on “Remove The Social Leaches From Your Life

  1. Well said, William. $100 was a small price to pay for the exposure and fun had by all that attended the party and tournament… not to mention that it was supporting 2 great charities.

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