Celebrity Designer, William WilsonFirst, I am a Christian. This is not to bash Christianity. Though I fall short, on a regular basis, I do the best I can to live right. It’s the same with my health. I’ve been working out with Preston Lewis (of Lewis Fitness), and trying to eat better. I don’t eat healthy every meal, or every day. It’s a process. But I’m doing better each week. I am not where I need to be. But I’m  getting there. I’m not alone on my journey. There are thousands out there, just like me, on Christian and health journeys. We have our ups and our downs. But we keep going.

The problems with SOME Christians and SOME health nuts, is they always want to critique us on what we’re doing wrong. If you’re doing 3 good things, they’ll focus on the one bad. It’s not that they are incorrect. It’s just inappropriate.

I remember when I returned to the church. There was always someone ready to tell me what I was doing wrong. They walked around quoting scriptures, and giving testimonies as if they have never sinned in their lives. I  felt inadequate, and as if I was never going to be good enough for God to love me. I felt I had to be perfect, and anything less would be unacceptable. Fortunately, I developed a relationship with my pastor, and he taught me the difference between what man says, and what God says. He didn’t let me off the hook, he held me accountable for my actions. But he showed me that God doesn’t need man’s approval to love us, or for us to be saved. He taught me that some of the very people that work all over the church, and are involved in every service, and can quote every scripture, may be further behind on their Christian journey than I was. It was then that I really began to understand God’s love for each and every one of us. I often think of three things he used to ALWAYS say.

1. “Thank God man doesn’t have a Heaven to keep you out of, or a Hell to put you into.”

2. “Don’t be so Heavenly minded that you’re no Earthly good.”

3. “God wants religious fruits; not holy nuts.”

Health nuts can be equally bad. When I moved to Charlotte, I ate an 8 piece box of chicken from Bojangle, a ribeye steak, or a pizzza almost every night. And I do mean EVERY night. And what’s worse, I’d get up at 5:30, and only eat once before going to bed at 1:00 am, or later. So my current diet, which admittedly isn’t great, is a drastic improvement. I may only eat friend chicken once or twice a month. I’ve had 3 ribeyes in the last year, and I only eat pizzas about once every other week, or so. I don’t drink sodas, and I’ve never smoked or drank alcohol. So even though, I’m not doing everything I need to do, I’m doing much better than I was. But you wouldn’t believe the amount of health experts that try to tell me how to eat. Though sometimes, it can be extremely annoying, I know most people are coming from a nice place. I also know not everyone is. It’s ok, I can take it.

But there are many people out there just like me. They are working their butts off trying to do better. And when you rain negativity on them, you do more harm than good. I have a thick skin, and a full understanding of who I am. I can take the criticism. I am also afforded a considerable surrogate support system, provided by my business success. But not everyone has that. Not everyone can take the criticism. Negativity often stops people from trying, or persevering. When someone is doing their best, encourage them. Don’t rain on them. It’s not always about being right. It’s about being useful. Words have power. Words have meaning. Words can often be more powerful than actions. There is a way to be honest, and still be supportive. Let’s try that. Until next time…….

God bless and dress well,

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

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The Importance Of Helping Others

William Wilson ThinkingWe all like to think we succeeded because of our hard work, work ethic, planning, genius strategy, and business acumen. Those are great traits to have, and are very important. But they will never tell the entire story. Because the truth of the matter is, you’re not that special. Don’t be offended, neither am I. A lot of people work hard. I work extremely hard, and I have seen success. But there are people out there that work circles around me, and have paid their dues. Yet, they have not found the success they desired.

We’re never as good as we think we are, or as bad as others say we are. Usually, we’re somewhere in the middle. Quite often, the difference between us being successful or failing lies in a chance. Someone gives you a chance to show them what you can do. To prove you’re as good as you say you are. It can be that life changing moment. If we are honest with ourselves, and not so busy being cocky, arrogance and self righteous that we have the hubris to honestly believe we made ourselves successful, we can usually track down when we got our “chance”. Mine was February 12, 2009.

Former Carolina Panther, Al Wallace and I had been friends for a while. We ran into each other at a Panera Bread in Ballantyne and we started talking about my new custom clothing business. He said he needed a couple of sport coats, so he decided to give me a shot. He was happy with my work, and that led to me doing work for Mike Minter, and other athletes, and it has now led to where I am today. I have been blessed beyond anything I would ever have imagined. I’ve had my clothes at the Grammys, the Oscars, the NASCAR and NHRA awards banquets, and I now design the champion’s jackets for every major sporting event in Charlotte, sans the Wells Fargo Championship (and I’m working on that one-LOL). But none of that would have happened if Al Wallace hadn’t given me that first chance.

I’m a firm believer that you reap what you sow. I think there are many people that haven’t found success because they don’t help others find success. They are forever on the lookout for the next hookup. It’s all about what can you do for me? How can I get ahead? How can I get on top? If you aren’t willing to help others, why should anyone help you? The world has enough successful, yet selfish, people. It doesn’t need to add to the population. Maybe the next time you blame the world for your lack of success, or worse yet, you blame the “haters”, look in the mirror first. What have you done to give someone a chance? Maybe THAT is why you haven’t seen your blessing yet. But then again, what do I know? Until next time…..

God bless and dress well.

William Wilson, CEO

Wlliam Wilson Clothing

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