My Amazing Trip To Food Lion

William Wilson ThinkingIt’s awesome how God always knows when to send someone into your life at JUST the right time. That happened to me today, and I am so grateful. If you know me, you know I’m not one to get down often. I’m usually pretty positive, and pride myself on being optimistic. Today, (July 16) I was finding it extremely difficult to do so. That changed this afternoon. Let me expound.

I believe in listening to both sides of any story. This includes the Zimmerman case. So I’ve been listening to WBT, ALL DAY, to hear the “Justice was served” side of the Zimmerman story. And honestly, my blood has been BOILING. At times, it took intense and immediate prayer to not allow my heart to be filled with hate. I could feel hatred building up inside me. It felt like poison infecting my body. I like people, I don’t care what color, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation. I just like people. So to feel these feelings are just foreign to me. Let me clarify something. I wasn’t angry at white people. I haven’t been, and I won’t be. I was angry with the people calling in. But I wasn’t angry because of their opinions. But I was angry for 2 reasons.

1. I listened to caller after caller, and I realized they have strong opinions about why “black people” are upset. But they really have NO IDEA why people are upset. They are putting their own reasons to this story, and then commenting on it. To his credit, the DJ (I think it was Keith Larson) that was on called them out when they were wrong, and sarcastically ridiculed them, though I’m not sure some of them even realized it.

2. Because this is being categorized as “black anger”. This isn’t a “black anger” issue. This is a multi-cultural anger issue. All races are angry, just not all the people of those races. I blame the media for much of that. As I watch the post-verdict coverage, it seems 99% of the Team Trayvon is black, and 99% of Team Zimmerman is white. That is inaccurate, and just exacerbates the racial bias, and rhetoric.

Anyway, I was at Food Lion, on Beatties Ford Rd. My first time ever going there. (for those not familiar with Beatties Ford Rd, it’s in a predominantly black area of Charlotte). While I was shopping, I noticed an older white gentleman looking at me. Not staring, or stalking, or anything. He just had an inquisitive look. I paid it no mind, because I had things to do, and, quite frankly, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with it. While I was in line to pay for my groceries, the gentleman approached me. To my surprise, he me asked if I was William Wilson, and was my name “The Clothier” on Twitter. I said yes. He then shook my hand, said he follows me on Twitter and reads my blog. He went on to say he could not have appreciated me writing “How I see Racism In America” any more. He was furious about the verdict and could not even put that anger into words. He went on to say Zimmerman should never see the outside of a jail cell, and that he “hopes he burns in Hell”. I honestly thought he was gonna bust a blood vessel. He was more angry because some of the same black people he was siding with, were lumping him into the pro-Zimmerman camp. He was being lumped into something he didn’t remotely believe in, just because he was white. He appreciated me acknowledging that racism exists, while also stating that not all white people were racist. I told him thank you and proceeded with my check out. He then shocked me again by saying my money was “no good” and paid for my items. He then told the young man at the register to read the blog as well; and that I was a great role model. I needed that today. Not because of the money, but I needed to hear a rational voice after hearing so much anger and vitriol. God is good! Until next time….

God bless and dress well.

William Wilson,CEO

William Wilson Clothing

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2 thoughts on “My Amazing Trip To Food Lion

  1. William you amaze me everyone I read one of your blogs. Today has turned out to be a horrible day, but reading this gives me hope that things can get better. Thanks for the positivity.

  2. Sir, You hit the nail on the head. I am a white female that feels there is no justice done here. I guess other than Zimmernan will now what Hell feels like for the rest of his life. ….
    That still doesn’t being back this young man whose life was stripped from him and his family. I do not think this is truly a black/ white issue. That’s what the media has portrayed it as. This should affect All of us as human beings- regardless of color. I am disgusted by the jurors interview. How could they believe Zimmerman was harmed?!? Why was there no penalty for his direct disobeying 911 to stay back and away until police arrived???My blood boiled , and I felt like a murder walked out of that courtroom with smirk on his face. He did not seem, nor appear remorseful . His attorneys were arrogant in interviews that followed the unbelievable verdict..I hope that The Martin’s attorney will have his day in Civil Court…..and Trayvon’s legacy will be vindicated.

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