Help Me Enhance Your “Perspective”

I created The William Wilson Perspective, with one goal in mind; “Help as many people as I can”. I like to think that I have done that, but I want to be able to do more. So, in an attempt to be more interactive, I’m changing The Perspective from a text only format to a video/ text format. I will be answering questions, on video, that I receive from you via my Facebook fan page, or Twitter. So please send your questions to me. You can ask about anything, business, branding, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, how to dress, or just the way I approach life. As long as they aren’t too personal, I will answer just about any type of question.

I look forward to using this format to help as many people as possible. Please understand I may not be able to answer ever question that I’m asked. Maybe some of you will have the same question, which I often encounter. But I will do everything I can to answer them as I can.

This post in an example of  the new “vlog” format. Archives of posts will be here at The William Wilson Perspective. But they will also be available on my YouTube channel ” The William Wilson. Feel free to subscribe to both my blog and my YouTube channel. I hope to hear from you soon. Until next time….

God bless and dress well.

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

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