My Biggest Mistakes of 2013

Photo shoot 1 017 (resized)I will readily admit, I have had more success than I deserve. I’ve tried some things that were more successful than I thought they would be. But I’ve also made mistakes. More than you can imagine. That just comes with the gig. I wish I could tell you that everything I try is successful. But that’s not the case. Here are the biggest mistakes I made this year.

1. Overlooked Small Wins: If you know me, you know I am extremely focused. I get a goal in my head, and I work tirelessly to achieve it. You may think that;s a good thing. And if kept in balance, it is. But I rarely keep things in balance. Add to that, I set VERY big goals. Put that together and you can lose yourself in your goals. I focused so hard on the end results, that I rarely took the time out to enjoy the small victories in between. There were a lot of “small victories” that I completely overlooked, because I was so focused on the big picture.

2. Overextended Myself: Between September and December, I designed the Chiquita Classic Champion’s jacket, the Bank of America 500 Champion’s jacket, did a week of consulting for Siemens Corporation in Orlando, moved into a new showroom space, started a domestic violence scholarship, and hosted my annual Black Label/ Grand Opening party. That was a lot. And it took a lot out of me. That was more than I should have taken on in 8 months, let alone 4.  You should never overextend yourself to the point that you can barely remember your own name. They were successful, but they took their toll on me.

3. Tried To Do Too Much Myself: Part of why all of the things I did in the last 4 months took so much out of me, is I tried to do it all myself. No matter how good you are at something, you still need a team in order to be as successful as possible. You can do anything, but you can’t do it alone. Teamwork makes the dream work. I forgot that. I protect my brand like it’s my child. I have to. Everything I do, has MY name on it. But I have to be willing to give control to others. I tell my mentees that. I need to take my own advice.

4.  Took No Time For Myself: I work all the time. I don’t really date, or take time to do the fun things in life that many people do. I haven’t taken a real vacation in years. True, those are the sacrifices of building a business. But there still needs to be some kind of balance. I’m not saying I want to start dating. But I do need to take the time to enjoy some of the perks my lifestyle affords me. Part of my problem is I love what I do so much it doesn’t feel like I’m working. But I have to remember that I am working. And I need to take some real vacation, or fun time.

5. Only Let People See Parts Of Me: I’m a very private person. And I don’t let many people get close to me. It’s not that I don’t like people. I love people. I love meeting new people, and I love learning from them. But I have found that I have to be extremely guarded with people now. I meet more and more people that attempt to get close to me only to see what they can get from me. I often meet people that appear to want to be my friend, only to later find out they really just wanted to get access to my friends, my clients and to use the connections I have to advance their agendas. And though it doesn’t really bother me, it still sucks. More importantly, it caused me to not really let people see my full personality. I like to laugh, joke, have fun and let lose. I like it a lot. It’s funny, but when people get to know me, they always say, you’re nothing like I expected. I guarded myself so much that, at times, I came off as unapproachable. This is something I’ll be working on this year. I’ll have to find that right balance. But I’m going to work on it.

Those are my biggest mistakes. I made countless others, but these are the ones that matter the most. They matter because they address the personal and professional parts of my life. You may have the same issues. You may not. Who knows. I just hope that by sharing my biggest mistakes of 2013, it will keep them from being your biggest mistakes of 2014. Until next time….

God bless and dress well.

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

Follow William on Twitter: @TheClothier

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