Success Requires Separation

William Wilson ThinkingStaying ahead of your competition keeps them from being your competition. You must always be at least one step ahead of your competition at all times in order to separate yourself. Michael Irvin once said, “A receiver doesn’t have to be the biggest, the fastest, or the strongest. If his quarterback can count on him to create 12″ of separation at any time, and catch the ball, he can have a long career in the NFL.” Business is the same way.

You must be able to separate yourself from your competitors. You must be able to answer this question:  “Why should I use you over someone else?”  Your answer must prove you to be one of three things: first, better, or different. Either be the first one doing it, do it better than everyone else, or have a different means of doing it. If you aren’t one of these things, you’re either the status quo, or you’re less. That’s not to say you can’t still find some level of success. It will just be more difficult.

I’m an aggressive businessman. I take risks. I try new things. And I consistently b20140715_210445ite off almost more that I can
chew. Sometimes I actually do bite off more than I can chew. I am constantly trying to find ways to expand the William Wilson brand, or provide a service to my existing clients to separate me from other clothiers. Getting the client is just the first of three steps. I must  retain the client, and get the client to refer me to their peers. To do that, I have to do what I say I’m going to do. And if I make a mistake, I must fix it. Sometimes I have to take ownership of a mistake I DIDN’T make, just to keep the client happy. It’s often better to eat a little pride, than to win a battle that costs you a client (and their potential referrals). Business is not an arena for emotional people. The moment you start making business decisions, based on emotion, is the moment you begin counting down the days until your business is shut down.

I proactively look for ways to offer more for my clients, and to enhance the client experience at William Wilson Clothing. Whether it’s adding a poker table and chess sets,  TVs and XBoxes, or custom made belts made of exotic skins; I am always looking to stay 2 steps ahead of those who operate in my arena. When someone walks into my showroom, I want them to think, “Wow, this is impressive. This is the guy who should be making my suits.” I’m constantly trying to find ways to first, better, or different. Until next time……

God Bless and Dress Well,

William Wilson, CEO William Wilson Clothing


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