Success Requires Self Motivation

Success, personal or professional, is a process. It’s rarely easy. You don’t just decide to be a success and all these wonderful things just happen. I wish I could tell you it would. But I’d be lying to you. It can be a constant struggle. One in which you will often want to stop, cry, scream, or just give up altogether. There will be days you’ll feel defeated; and days you will feel like nothing is going your way. You’ll ask yourself, “Why did I even get involved with this?” Don’t worry. This is just a part of the process.

That’s why you MUST be able to motivate yourself. You have to be self-driven to work through the fear, the anxiety and the doubt. You must be able to tell yourself “I can do it.”. Even when all your friends, family and loved ones say you can’t. You have to feel confidence in your heart, when all you hear is negativity in your ear. If you believe in your dream, you can’t give up. But you may have to make some adjustments to your plan. I’ve had to do it. Every successful person has. No plan is perfect from the beginning. You try things. Some work – some don’t, you make adjustments and keep going. Learn from your mistake, and try not to make them again.

Don’t depend on people to be there for you, or to motivate you. It’s GREAT to have people on your side for support. But you can’t always depend on them. Establish a relationship with God, and let HIM motivate you. Let Him give you courage. Let Him give you strength. Ask Him to give you the power to keep going; the wisdom to stop trying; and the discernment to know the difference. Sometimes you have to give up on your plan; because it’s faulty. I have made many plans only to redo them because I was missing information. Once I learned that information, I knew why my plan wouldn’t work; so I changed it. And because of that, I moved one step closer to being a success. Remember this “You can date your plan. But you can’t marry it.” Until next time……

God Bless and Dress Well,

William Wilson, CEO William Wilson Clothing


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