Why You Aren’t Successful

Photo shoot 1 017 (resized)A greedy heart is poor soil in which to grow success. Many of us will never see success because we can’t see past ourselves to help others. God blesses us to be a blessing to others. He isn’t concerned about us being rich. He’s concerned about us serving His kingdom. He doesn’t care us driving a Bentley or a Mercedes, our kids going to private schools, us flying in private jets, living in huge houses, or living a VIP lifestyle. He is concerned with us helping others. He doesn’t care about us “keeping as much of our money as we can”. He cares about us helping those less fortunate.

I posted a picture on Instagram the other day that said, “God won’t put more on us than we can bear. Which is why some of us aren’t successful.” This is the truth. But some missed the meaning. So I will explain it. We are selfish people. Plain and simple. Sure we support causes, but they are usually the ones that affect someone we care about. But what do we do to help those we have NO CONNECTION to? What do we do for people that have no way of helping us back? Do we only vote for politicians that help us keep the most our net worth, while tearing down those that try to help those not as fortunate?

The Bible says “It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matt 19:24). This is because money becomes the master. And you can’t serve two masters. God doesn’t allow some of us to reach any more success than we have because we are either too greedy, too selfish, or too immoral. We will not be able to handle TRUE success.

He won’t allow us to be famous because we’d use our fame only to glorify ourselves, not Him. The fame would turn us into more of a narcissistic than we already are. Some of us would undoubtedly become so addicted to the attention that we will do anything we can to keep it. Fame is a drug that needs to be treated like a controlled substance. When you begin to receive lots of glorification and adoration, if you don’t have people to keep you grounded, YOU WILL become a victim to it. Kind of like the men that can’t take a picture without their shirts off, or the women that can’t take a picture without showing us their butts.

He won’t allow us to get rich because, face it, we couldn’t handle it. If you’d use your rent money to see Beyonce’ or Taylor Swift, you obviously don’t make smart money decisions. If you drive a $100,000 car, but can’t afford to buy custom clothing, (or have a roommate), you obviously can’t afford the car either. So you can’t be trusted to make the smartest of monetary decisions either. Money is a magnifier. Whatever you are when you’re broke, you’ll be more of when you’re rich. If you were cheating on your spouse at Motel 6 when you were broke, you’ll cheat on them in a villa in the Bahamas when you’re rich. If you’re stingy with a little money, you’ll me even more stingy when you acquire wealth. If you feel you deserve to be rich because you sacrificed when you were broke, you will despise those who don’t get to where you are, and you will say arrogant things like ” They’re just being lazy, or making excuses. If I can make it, they can do it too.”(Like you did all the work yourself and God didn’t bless you with clients and breaks.)

If you want to be successful, help someone else become a success. Help someone that can’t help you back. Give to someone who has nothing to offer in return. Help someone make a dollar, that can’t afford to give you a dime. That is when you will see real success. That is when God will bless you. Until next time……..

God bless and dress well.

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing


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