“Broke People Give Broke Advice”

You can do anything in the world, but you can’t do it alone. You need help. And quite often you need advice. When seeking advice,  make sure you get it from someone you can trust, and someone capable of giving you sound counsel. But also remember, “Broke people give broke advice.” This doesn’t mean broken in a financial way. I mean in mind. A mentally broken person will only tell you why something won’t work. They will never have suggestions to make your ideas better. And they will only tear down your dreams. Seek advise from those that care about you and your success.

But also understand, just because a person is on your side doesn’t mean they will always agree with you. Sometimes the best advice you can get is not try your idea. Or try it later. Or make some changes to it. Be smart enough to understand the difference between a support system and a cheerleader. Support system has your back and will ALWAYS tell you the truth. A cheerleader will agree with you, no matter how bad the advice.

You can’t build a strong foundation with broken pieces. And you can’t have a positive outcome seeking advice from a broken mind. Remember. “Broke people give broke advice.”

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing


5 thoughts on ““Broke People Give Broke Advice”

  1. Hello, My name is Yvette with Amore Destinations, a travel company. How did you transition from corporate to fully running your business? I currently juggle marriage, a full time job with crazy hours and trying to take my business to the next level. It is difficult prioritizing

    • Good morning. Your situation is without question a difficult dilemma. The most important thing is going to be the support of your spouse. Building a business is an extremely time consuming endeavor and requires a lot of sacrifices (even if your single). Your spouse is going to be a critical part of the success of your business, because if the business becomes a strain on the relationship, the relationship will become a strain on the business.
      Take time and plan out how much time you REALLY have for the business on a daily/ weekly/ and monthly basis. Make sure to factor the things you HAVE to complete in your daily life. Budget out how much money you need to achieve your goal. And see what type of support system you have. Make all these plans and budgets with your spouse. This will give you the clearest picture of your environment.
      Only then can you plan the growth. You can’t plan a growth strategy if you don’t know your availability.
      It may take you longer to grow your business due to your prior commitments, but if when it works and you have everyone in your life still a part of it, the reward will be sweeter. And you will be happier overall.

  2. Hi William I have a product that I dont know how to get started. Its a show that will revolutionize the shoe world. I have the idea but I dont know how to draw nor can I get anyone to help me. I wouldnt know wherebto begin to promote my idea, get a patent or anything. I dont have any capital and my credit is out the window. Can use some help

    • I recommend you meet with an organization called S.C.O.R.E. They are a group of executives, business people, and business owners that help people starting businesses or growing their existing businesses.
      This would be the smartest thing you can do, given the circumstances you have laid out.

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