About William Wilson

Celebrity Designer, William WilsonWilliam Wilson is CEO of Charlotte, NC-based William Wilson Clothing, an ultra-exclusive, private men’s custom clothing company. William specializes in high profile clients, and his client list reads like a who’s who of American business, sports, politics, and entertainment. William Wilson Clothing only accepts 3 new clients per month and routinely has a waiting list for his elite services.

William built his company on 5 simple principles.

1. Study your target market. Focus on what the clients want, not what you want to give them.

2. Build your business model to meet the needs of your client.

3. Build your infrastructure to facilitate where you want your company to go, not where you are.

4. Have one thing that you do, and do it better than everyone else.

5. Your client doesn’t care about the intricacies of  your company/ product. Just how it affects them.

These 5 principles are the foundation, of what has made William Wilson the most exclusive men’s clothing brand in the country. He is has become the new standard  in custom clothing in Charlotte, and across the country. William is constantly placed on lists of best dressed men, and speaks at venues nationwide. Recently he dressed R&B singer, Calvin Richardson for the 2010 Grammy Awards. Calvin won “Best Dressed on the red Carpet”. He also dressed Chris Harris of the Chicago Bears for his wedding, and was listed as one of Charlotte’s 25 Most Stylish People. He is the official clothier of Charlotte Fashion Week in Sept, 2010; and will be in the VIP/ Celebrity area of L.A. Fashion Week in February, 2011.

William is a rising star in the premium luxury brand market. His business acumen, determination, and attention to the customer’s needs has positioned him to be one of  the most sought destination clothiers of the 21st Century.

2 thoughts on “About William Wilson

  1. William, I am happy to see your success and sad for the Razorbacks. I always wish you well. The last sentence on this page reads “William is a rising star in an premium luxury brand market.” The “an” to “the” or “a”. I prefer “the”. Just a slight details, but you know how important details are. Michael A. Williams

  2. I just read my post and can’t change it. It is awful. It should read “I suggest you change the “an” to “the”. And the next sentence is no better “Just a slight details”…terrible. I need to pay attention to my own details. Best of Luck

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