Why You Aren’t Successful

Photo shoot 1 017 (resized)A greedy heart is poor soil in which to grow success. Many of us will never see success because we can’t see past ourselves to help others. God blesses us to be a blessing to others. He isn’t concerned about us being rich. He’s concerned about us serving His kingdom. He doesn’t care us driving a Bentley or a Mercedes, our kids going to private schools, us flying in private jets, living in huge houses, or living a VIP lifestyle. He is concerned with us helping others. He doesn’t care about us “keeping as much of our money as we can”. He cares about us helping those less fortunate.

I posted a picture on Instagram the other day that said, “God won’t put more on us than we can bear. Which is why some of us aren’t successful.” This is the truth. But some missed the meaning. So I will explain it. We are selfish people. Plain and simple. Sure we support causes, but they are usually the ones that affect someone we care about. But what do we do to help those we have NO CONNECTION to? What do we do for people that have no way of helping us back? Do we only vote for politicians that help us keep the most our net worth, while tearing down those that try to help those not as fortunate?

The Bible says “It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matt 19:24). This is because money becomes the master. And you can’t serve two masters. God doesn’t allow some of us to reach any more success than we have because we are either too greedy, too selfish, or too immoral. We will not be able to handle TRUE success.

He won’t allow us to be famous because we’d use our fame only to glorify ourselves, not Him. The fame would turn us into more of a narcissistic than we already are. Some of us would undoubtedly become so addicted to the attention that we will do anything we can to keep it. Fame is a drug that needs to be treated like a controlled substance. When you begin to receive lots of glorification and adoration, if you don’t have people to keep you grounded, YOU WILL become a victim to it. Kind of like the men that can’t take a picture without their shirts off, or the women that can’t take a picture without showing us their butts.

He won’t allow us to get rich because, face it, we couldn’t handle it. If you’d use your rent money to see Beyonce’ or Taylor Swift, you obviously don’t make smart money decisions. If you drive a $100,000 car, but can’t afford to buy custom clothing, (or have a roommate), you obviously can’t afford the car either. So you can’t be trusted to make the smartest of monetary decisions either. Money is a magnifier. Whatever you are when you’re broke, you’ll be more of when you’re rich. If you were cheating on your spouse at Motel 6 when you were broke, you’ll cheat on them in a villa in the Bahamas when you’re rich. If you’re stingy with a little money, you’ll me even more stingy when you acquire wealth. If you feel you deserve to be rich because you sacrificed when you were broke, you will despise those who don’t get to where you are, and you will say arrogant things like ” They’re just being lazy, or making excuses. If I can make it, they can do it too.”(Like you did all the work yourself and God didn’t bless you with clients and breaks.)

If you want to be successful, help someone else become a success. Help someone that can’t help you back. Give to someone who has nothing to offer in return. Help someone make a dollar, that can’t afford to give you a dime. That is when you will see real success. That is when God will bless you. Until next time……..

God bless and dress well.

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing


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Shut Up and Do It

William WilsonI’m just gonna come out and say this. Do you know why many of you aren’t successful? You don’t deserve to be. Why? It’s simple. You talk too much, and don’t work hard enough. You TALK more about being successful than you are willing to SACRIFICE to be successful. Until you are ready to commit to being successful; just shut up. Stop holding our ears hostage. Stop telling everyone what you are going to do “one of these days”. We all have that friend, buddy, or colleague that since the day you met them, they have always told you what they need to do, but you never see them do it. They are always talking about success, but they never commit to having any.

Success doesn’t accidentally happen. You don’t just fall into it. You work for it. You fight for it. You risk for it. And you sacrifice for it. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, but you fight. You get knocked down and you get back up. THAT is where success comes from! I laugh sometimes when I read my Twitter timeline and I read “Lets Go!”, “Let’s Get It”, “Make it Happen” and all the other stuff. I can read their timelines for a month and not see what they are doing to actually “Get It”. It’s bravado. Don’t get me wrong. I say it sometimes too. But then I make something happen. Not everything I make happen results in success, but they do result in a lesson learned. A lesson I wouldn’t have learned just typing “Let’s Get It” on Twitter and then going about my usual routine. Yelling words of encouragement, with no plan of executing it, is cheer leading. “Let’s Go?” Yea right!

On Christmas night at 12:30 I sent out a tweet asking 1 simple question: “Whose working?”  The people that responded were the ones I thought would respond. They were on their computers planning for 2011, while most were out partying. They were exactly who I thought would be at home working. Because I see them all year doing the same thing. They don’t tweet about parties, they don’t tweet about their relationship problems, and they aren’t constantly re-tweeting what everyone else is saying or doing. They are moving forward. They are sacrificing. They have put their heads down and committed to being the best. They will be successful. Or at least they have the best chance. I’m not saying, you can’t party. I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself. But I AM saying, if you don’t fully commit, you won’t fully grow.

While sitting at my computer at 12:24 Christmas night, I came up with an incredible idea, that I will be launching soon. I’m giving away $100,000 dollars to a fortunate person that follows me on Twitter and “Likes” my Facebook FanPage. This is going to be an incredible branding opportunity. I wouldn’t have come up with this in the club. I also formed a strategic partnership that I will be announcing next year. I wouldn’t have done that in the club either.

I’ve had over a hundred people ask me what am I doing for New Years Eve. I told them “I will be in church. I am giving God my real time, not my obligatory, or spare time.” Many of them applauded my actions. Some even said, they needed to do that. To which I responded, “Why don’t you just do it then?” They have a variety of different answers, but it all comes down to where your priorities are. I’m not saying they should be like me, or that I am right and they’re wrong. I started doing this a couple of years ago, and my life began to change. I started becoming more successful; and the craziest goals I could think of began to be exceeded. This has worked for me, and I will keep doing it.

Success is a fruit that takes time to ripen. We are about to embark on not only a new year, but a new decade. Now is your chance to commit to greatness. I’m no one special, if I can  be successful, you can definitely be. But you have to commit. You have to be 100% in. Otherwise, you’re only fooling yourself, and wasting a ton of time and money. Buying a pack of business cards and building a website doesn’t make you a success. It doesn’t even make you a business. I can build a website, and buy business cards that say I’m a neurosurgeon; but you don’t want me cutting into your brain. Trust me! Hard work, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice are key ingredients to success. If you aren’t willing to give it 100%, then why bother? Why start a goal or a business if you aren’t willing to work, fight, and sacrifice to see your vision come to life? If you choose the club over planning. If you choose sleep over research. If you choose the party over the paperwork; that’s fine. Just don’t be upset when your competition leaves you in their dust. After all, at least you got your party on. Until next time…

God Bless and dress well,

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Cloting

The William Wilson Celebrity Invitational presented by Jetpool

The William Wilson Celebrity Invitational will be held at Carolina Lakes Golf Club on Tuesday, Oct 12th. It is the most exclusive golf tournament in the Carolinas. Limited to 50 players (25 of which are invited celebrities). There are only 25 spots open for amateur play. The William Wilson Celebrity Invitational is not only the most only exclusive tournament in the Carolinas, but it promises to be the most  fun and fast paced. Though there are only 25 amateur spots available for players, spectators are welcome to come watch, take pictures, and get autographs.

Celebrities already committed are current Carolina Panthers James Anderson, Rhys Lloyd, and Charlie Martin, Tony Womack (former New York Yankee), and NASCAR Driver Kevin Conway. Carolina Panther legend Mike Minter will be on hand to hit the ceremonial tee shot. For a full list of confirmed players click here.

Our hole-in-one prizes are second to none. Take a look at this lineup:

1. A full custom wardrobe by William Wilson Clothing (5 suits and 5 shirts) valued at $15000,

2. $50,000,

3. A a private jet trip to anywhere in the US (Courtesy of Jetpool) and a custom suit fitting by William Wilson at 40,000 ft) valued at $20,000, and last but certainly not least:

4. A Lamborghini Gallardo! That’s right, I told you this isn’t your daddy’s golf tournament. Value: $240,000. We are even auctioning off a chance for one fortunate person to take a shot at all 4 prizes. That’s $325,000 worth of prizes. That will change your life.

Here is the Rundown:

25- 2 man teams (1celebrity/ 1 amateur per team)

Format: Stroke play (handicapped)

3 Trophy Categories (low celebrity score- low amateur score- low team score)

Entry Fee – $250.

Spectator Tickets $10 limited number available

Golf Course: Carolina Lakes Golf Club

Beneficiary: Autism Speaks

Pairings Party: Monday Oct 11, 7-9pm at Jetpool Private Hanger. There will be 2 private jets and luxury cars for attendees to view.

Player Experience:

There will be a private pairings party where teams will be decided.

Each player will have their own marked parking space at the Carolina Lakes

Each player will have their own designated space on the driving range (with an assistant)

Each player will be announced on #1 tee box (just like the PGA tour)

Players keep the score of their playing partner

If any ball is hit more than a driver’s length into the woods. The player is to drop, take a stroke, and keep play moving.

If you would like to volunteer or be a sponsor of  the most exclusive golf tournament in town, please email me at WilliamWilsonGolf@Gmail.com

There will be more information upcoming. Thank you in advance for your support. Until next time….

God Bless and dress well,

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

20 Gentleman’s Rules of Dress

William Wilson, CEO

When men look at me and tell me, “I don’t own a suit.”, my first thoughts are, “Where do you take you lady when she wants to be treated like Cinderella? Where do you take her to celebrate those monumental occasions? What do you wear when you are trying to make a good impression somewhere?” You can tell a lot about a man from his closet. Ladies, look in his closet, and you can see where you will spend most of your life with this man. If everything in his closet can be worn as appropriate dress to a bar or club, don’t expect to spend much time at the most exclusive places in town. If it’s full of blue jeans, t shirts, and 2 pair of slacks, don’t expect to see a pair of Jimmy Choo’s in the near future. And if you do, be prepared to be going out with your girlfriends when you wear them.

But for those more refined in our dress, and want to look our best for ourselves and the important women in our lives. I present to you “The 20 Gentleman’s Rules of Dress”. Yes, contrary to the thoughts, and dress of my sartorially challenged brethren, there are rules to fine dress. These rules have been passed down from generations of fine dressers. Men who take pride in not only looking like a gentleman, but being a gentleman. Men that understand that true power makes it impossible to go unnoticed. Gentlemen that understand that your wardrobe speaks when your mouth is closed. For these gentlemen, the rules of dress are not just a guideline, but a way of life that is time honored, and respected to the furthest degree. Remember, there is a reason that when you see photographs of the most successful men in the world, 95% of the time, they are wearing a suit. Jeans are for dress down, not for everyday. I will not give all the rules today, but I will give you enough to get started.

Rule #1: Proper fit is everything. Nothing cheapens your look like ill fitting clothing, especially a suit. If you can afford it, buy custom. There is no substitute for clothing made specifically for your body, and per your individuality and likes. But if custom isn’t in your budget, buy off the rack, and have it tailored at your alterations shop. We call that “Poor Man’s Custom”. Trust me, it’s far superior than strictly wearing it straight off the rack.

Rule #2: A gentleman’s closet should have a minimum of 4 suits. 1 black, 1 gray, 1 navy, and 1 brown or tan.

Rule#3: Don’t brag about an off the rack suit. A gentleman knows the most important name in his suit is his own. Therefore, he buys custom. If you spend over $1000 on a suit, and you buy it in a store, you are being taken as a fool. Store suits, even Gucci, Prada, Armani, and Brioni are mass produced suits that cost the department store less that $200 to buy. They depend on the brand name being sufficient to make you ok with overspending on their product. A real luxury consumer has his suits and shirts made. As I said in a Facebook status once, “Big dogs have tailors, not store receipts.”

Rule #4: Suits should be 100% wool, or linen suits. There is no exception

Rule #5: Your suit for church may not be appropriate for work. If you wear a gray suit, gray hat and gray gators; that may fly in church- not in corporate America.

Rule #6: Do not button the bottom button of your suit or vest. EVER!!

Rule #7: Your jacket sleeve should never touch the back of your hand. If it does, the sleeve is too long. Period. End of debate.

Rule#8: A little of your shirt sleeve should show below you jacket sleeve.

Rule #9: Never wear a button down collar with a tie. A button down collared shirt is a sport shirt, not a dress shirts. It’s tacky, and in poor taste. And before you say, “I see men wear that all the time.” I see kids with their pants hanging off their butts, but that doesn’t make it proper dress. It’s the equivalent to wearing flip flops with a suit.

Rule #10: There is no such thing as a short sleeve dress shirt. Unless you work for Geek Squad,  NEVER wear a short sleeve shirt with a tie.

Rule #11: Always wear a t-shirt: T- shirts not only make a white shirt brighter. It also serves as a barrier to the skin so your shirt doesn’t stick to your skin (which looks horrible, by the way). It also absorbs mild perspiration and allows the shirt to not only hang better, but provides longer wear.

Rule #12: Dress socks should always cover the calves. I hope I don’t need to explain this. Also, socks should match, or be darker than, the suit.

Rule #13: Ties should be made of silk. Do not wear polyester ties. And for goodness sakes, do not wear a tie with fish, or cartoons, or that craziness. The only exception is on Father’s Day, and only if your kid bought it. If your wife bought it, tell her you love her, then proceed to explain why you CAN NOT ever wear that tie in public.

Rule #14: The Windsor is the gentleman’s knot. It’s symmetrical and looks good with every collar. The four- in- one knot (which is most common) is a juvenile knot. the 4-in-1 is the one that always looks like it is crooked, no matter what you do. That’s because it’s an uneven knot pattern.

Rule #15: Cufflinks are never inappropriate. Cufflinks make a statement. They say power, style, and sophistication. If these aren’t you, well…..

Rule #16: Always wear a nice watch. It doesn’t always have to be expensive. But buy the best watch you can afford.

Rule #17: Never need a haircut. It shows poor hygiene to look unkempt. Specify a day to get your haircut every week, and put it on your calendar.

Rule #18: Maintain detail hygiene. Your nails should be trimmed, beard and mustache maintained, and your shoes should be shined. Trust me, ladies notice.

Rule #19: Don’t swim in your cologne. Your cologne should be a pleasant accent to your image, not show up 10 paces before you and then just linger after you leave.

Rule #20: Increase your vocabulary. You ask what does this have to do with dress? There is nothing more disappointing than a man that looks like he came off the cover of GQ, then when you speak to him, he sounds like he failed the 9th grade- last year! Your vocabulary is a vital part of you appearance.

These are just a few of the rules to dress. I understand that not everyone is financially able to buy custom suits. That’s ok. If you can’t afford it, then buy off the rack and have an alterations person take the suit apart and fit it to you better. It won’t be as good as a custom suit, but it will look much better. But the other rules are easily adaptable, and a must if you want to look like a true, well dressed gentleman. Fine dress is not a game, it’s a lifestyle and it is important to realize that you are addressed by the way you dress. Your outward appearance is a direct reflection of what you feel inside. And it’s what people respond to. As my friend, Bill Wiley, once said. ” If you don’t get your props it’s probably your wardrobe’s fault!!! Until next time…

God bless and dress well,

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing