Why You Aren’t Successful

Photo shoot 1 017 (resized)A greedy heart is poor soil in which to grow success. Many of us will never see success because we can’t see past ourselves to help others. God blesses us to be a blessing to others. He isn’t concerned about us being rich. He’s concerned about us serving His kingdom. He doesn’t care us driving a Bentley or a Mercedes, our kids going to private schools, us flying in private jets, living in huge houses, or living a VIP lifestyle. He is concerned with us helping others. He doesn’t care about us “keeping as much of our money as we can”. He cares about us helping those less fortunate.

I posted a picture on Instagram the other day that said, “God won’t put more on us than we can bear. Which is why some of us aren’t successful.” This is the truth. But some missed the meaning. So I will explain it. We are selfish people. Plain and simple. Sure we support causes, but they are usually the ones that affect someone we care about. But what do we do to help those we have NO CONNECTION to? What do we do for people that have no way of helping us back? Do we only vote for politicians that help us keep the most our net worth, while tearing down those that try to help those not as fortunate?

The Bible says “It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matt 19:24). This is because money becomes the master. And you can’t serve two masters. God doesn’t allow some of us to reach any more success than we have because we are either too greedy, too selfish, or too immoral. We will not be able to handle TRUE success.

He won’t allow us to be famous because we’d use our fame only to glorify ourselves, not Him. The fame would turn us into more of a narcissistic than we already are. Some of us would undoubtedly become so addicted to the attention that we will do anything we can to keep it. Fame is a drug that needs to be treated like a controlled substance. When you begin to receive lots of glorification and adoration, if you don’t have people to keep you grounded, YOU WILL become a victim to it. Kind of like the men that can’t take a picture without their shirts off, or the women that can’t take a picture without showing us their butts.

He won’t allow us to get rich because, face it, we couldn’t handle it. If you’d use your rent money to see Beyonce’ or Taylor Swift, you obviously don’t make smart money decisions. If you drive a $100,000 car, but can’t afford to buy custom clothing, (or have a roommate), you obviously can’t afford the car either. So you can’t be trusted to make the smartest of monetary decisions either. Money is a magnifier. Whatever you are when you’re broke, you’ll be more of when you’re rich. If you were cheating on your spouse at Motel 6 when you were broke, you’ll cheat on them in a villa in the Bahamas when you’re rich. If you’re stingy with a little money, you’ll me even more stingy when you acquire wealth. If you feel you deserve to be rich because you sacrificed when you were broke, you will despise those who don’t get to where you are, and you will say arrogant things like ” They’re just being lazy, or making excuses. If I can make it, they can do it too.”(Like you did all the work yourself and God didn’t bless you with clients and breaks.)

If you want to be successful, help someone else become a success. Help someone that can’t help you back. Give to someone who has nothing to offer in return. Help someone make a dollar, that can’t afford to give you a dime. That is when you will see real success. That is when God will bless you. Until next time……..

God bless and dress well.

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing


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The 3 Children of Assumption

WilliamWilson-1186-2660233048-OI was given a piece of advice by a good friend of mine named Tom Fehlman. He said “Always try to prove your assumptions wrong.” This advice is PRICELESS. When you have an assumption, it’s easy to prove yourself right. But if you turn it around and try to prove yourself wrong, you’ll ask yourself a completely different set of questions, and subsequently, may even see things from a different perspective. Assumptions can be one of the most dangerous things a person can do regarding success, because it’s not the assumptions that get people in trouble. It’s acting upon them without verifying first. Assumption gives birth to 3 children that will destroy your business, or personal, life.

1. Assumption is the Mother of Mis-communication: When you assume you already know what someone thinks, or is going to say, you don’t fully listen to them. You have your response already in your mind before they finish their sentence, and will usually cut the person off mid sentence. Or worse, instead of asking the question first, we act off of our assumptions and exacerbate situations. Take the time to fully listen to what someone has to say. THEN verify what you heard and what they said align. It will will prevent costly mistakes down the road.

2. Assumption is the Mother of Inefficiency: When you think you already know what you need to do, or how to do it, you tend to not read the instructions; and important, time-saving information is missed. It’s like not reading the assembly manual, but instead, putting something together our own way. We somehow always end up with extra parts when we’re done. And thus time, energy and potentially money is wasted going back to find out what we did wrong. Learn the rules, directions, expectations and process BEFORE you start a project or journey. It will save a lot of time and headaches.

3. Assumption is the Mother of Failure: Most people fail because they lack the necessary information needed to succeed. They think they know everything, so they do it their way. Often with poor, or incomplete data, lack of preparation, or bad timing. Either way, when you act upon assumptions without proper verification, you set yourself up to fail. Hopefully, you will recognize this and correct yourself before you’re too far into the process. But if you don’t, there will come a point when you’re too far gone to fix it. Don’t assume. And if you do, take the time to ask anyway. It’s better to take an extra 30 minutes to do it right, than another 2 weeks to do it over. Until next time…..

God Bless and Dress Well,

William Wilson, CEO William Wilson Clothing


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A Heart Felt Thank You

William Wilson ThinkingI usually post about my thoughts on business. But today I’m doing something different. This post is all about you guys.

I want to thank you all for your support, and help in growing William Wilson Clothing into the brand it is today. Thank you for the lessons you’ve taught me, and for all the encouragement. William Wilson Clothing will be 5 years old in November. I started it with no clothing, retail or apparel experience. I’ve never taken a fashion class, and I knew no one in the business. By all accounts, I was completely unqualified to be a clothing designer; let alone clothing for celebrities. I was totally lost, and I should have failed.  You guys have no idea how many times I was swinging in the breeze, and you came through for me when I needed you most. From volunteering at my golf event, to commenting on my blogs, to congratulating me when I posted news on social media, to purchasing my clothing and coming to my speaking events, you guys have been there.

Contrary to popular belief, there are times that I am down. Times that I feel completely lost. And times that I scared out of my mind that an idea won’t work. There were times I thought I was spinning my wheels, and just before I decided to pull the plug on a project, one of you would tell me “Keep up the good work.” or “You’re an inspiration.” You always came through when I needed it. You have always had my back, and that is something I could NEVER repay you for.

I even want to thank my “haters”. Yes, I want to thank you too. You made me pay attention to every single detail. You kept me on my toes. And thanks to your incessant critique, ridicule and negative comments, my brand is much stronger than it ever would have been without you. I’m sure you probably didn’t mean to, but you made me better. You made my company better.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing special about me. I’m a country boy, from a small town, in Arkansas. I live my life simple, because it’s what I understand. Growing up, all I had was a hope and a dream. When I see what God has done for me, it’s overwhelming. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, and as I lay in bed and look out at the Charlotte skyline, I find myself crying. Not from sadness. But from disbelief. I can’t believe my life. I can’t believe what God has done for me. I can’t believe the amazing support system (and that includes you) God has put in my life. I’m not overly gifted. I’m just a guy with ideas. And thanks to AMAZING people like you all, some of those ideas have come to fruition. I could never had done this without you. This has been an incredible journey so far. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I don’t know how long the success will last. And I can’t possibly imagine where this will go. But what I do know is, whereever this goes, I want God to be there. And I want you guys to be there too. I love you guys. And thank you again for all of your support. Until next time…..

God bless and dress well!

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

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Losing Weight Is No Excuse To Look Bad

William Wilson ThinkingLosing weight is no excuse to look bad. There’s no other way to say it. I often meet people that are losing weight, and they want to wait to order their custom suits. That makes PERFECT sense. Custom suits tend to come with a hefty price tag, and are made to your body. Since your body is changing, it makes no sense to order them. They won’t fit when they come in anyway. So what should you do if you want to keep looking good while you’re losing weight, you ask?

It’s a 2-step process. The first step is to get yourself an alterations person. This allows you to keep looking good without having to buy new clothes. It also serves three other purposes.

1. It keeps your clothes looking good on you, and allows you to feel good about your new body.

2. It allows you to show off that new body to the world.

3. It keeps you accountable to stay at your weight, or keep losing more. If you keep your clothes the same size, you don’t notice if you gain the weight back because you still fit into the clothes.

Of course, you can only get clothes tailored so much. Eventually, they can no longer be altered. This brings us to the second phase. Invest in less expensive (but not lesser quality) off the rack suits. Get them tailored as well. (I recommend my new William Everette collection) This allows you to maintain a clean, respectable, professional look while you lose weight, without spending a lot of money. I also recommend you purchase a blue suit and a grey suit. These are the 2 most common colors in business. And when worn with different shirts and ties, can provide you with numerous different looks while only using 2 suits. So it’s crafty, creative, and cost effective.

You may ask why this matters. Easy. The average person forms an opinion about someone, based solely off of their appearance in 2.9 seconds. In a world that is so highly competitive, your first impression may dictate whether or not you even get an opportunity for a first conversation. No one wants to do business with sloppy people. Sloppy clothing equals a sloppy appearance. A sloppy appearance means you live, work and act sloppy. This may not always be true, but it’s perception. And one’s perception is one’s reality. It doesn’t matter if you’re the smartest person in the room, if you look like the sloppiest. But then again, what do I know. I only dress people for a living. I could be wrong. Until next time……

God bless and dress well,

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

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