“Broke People Give Broke Advice”

You can do anything in the world, but you can’t do it alone. You need help. And quite often you need advice. When seeking advice,  make sure you get it from someone you can trust, and someone capable of giving you sound counsel. But also remember, “Broke people give broke advice.” This doesn’t mean broken in a financial way. I mean in mind. A mentally broken person will only tell you why something won’t work. They will never have suggestions to make your ideas better. And they will only tear down your dreams. Seek advise from those that care about you and your success.

But also understand, just because a person is on your side doesn’t mean they will always agree with you. Sometimes the best advice you can get is not try your idea. Or try it later. Or make some changes to it. Be smart enough to understand the difference between a support system and a cheerleader. Support system has your back and will ALWAYS tell you the truth. A cheerleader will agree with you, no matter how bad the advice.

You can’t build a strong foundation with broken pieces. And you can’t have a positive outcome seeking advice from a broken mind. Remember. “Broke people give broke advice.”

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing


Don’t Confuse the Blessing with the By-Product

Photo shoot 1 017 (resized)I am often told how blessed my life is. And I admit it. It really is. I have the opportunity to do things I never thought possible. I sometimes find myself sitting in my hotel room in some city, or on my couch at home, and cry with joy and amazement of the things that happen in my life. I am so thankful God saw fit to bless me this way. Often people tell me “You deserve it. You work hard.” Though I do work hard, that does not make me deserving of these blessings. If what you do decided what you deserve, doesn’t that undermine the definition of a blessing anyway?

Though I have been blessed. Many people miss what my REAL blessings are. They think it’s the celebrities I work with, or the attention, the travel, my home, my network and my lifestyle. They see parts of my life on social media and see THAT as the blessing. Those are NOT the blessings. Those are just the results of the blessings. The real blessings are the things you don’t see. The things behind the scenes. My blessings are many, so I will only name a few.

The first blessing is of-course, God being in my life, and allowing me to have a personal relationship with Him. Without Him, NONE OF THIS happens. I am a Christian in progress. I make a lot of mistakes. I am far from perfect. I don’t always display the best examples of Christianity, and I know He is OFTEN disappointed with the decisions and choices I make. When I’m hurt I’m sometimes angry with Him. Yet he NEVER fails to show me that He is still with me; and that the pain, though excruciating is temporary, and everything will be all right.

My mother is an enormous blessing. I am naturally very closed off, distant and extremely private. I handle most pain internally, and alone. My biggest seasons of pain often manifests itself in me diving even deeper into my work. Rarely do even my closest friends know when I am struggling with something. I’ve always been that way. But I know if I EVER need her, my mom is there for me to talk to. That’s extremely comforting for someone like me that doesn’t open up to people very easily.

My boy Kevin Porter has been a blessing. When I first got my space for William Wilson Clothing in Uptown Charlotte, I was constantly being given high estimates because people knew I worked with celebrities, and figured they could get over on me. (Not realizing I used to own a construction company and knew when they were lying and bidding me high). My buddy Kevin and I tore down all the old walls in the space, and built new ones. TWICE! We hung stuff on walls, moved things around, and then moved them again. And while others tried to charge astronomical prices, Kevin only charged me with friendship. He was always there for me, and he never charged me a dime. He wouldn’t even take it.

My blessings are my friends, who at my darkest hour are always there for me. Even when they don’t know they are. They keep life in perspective. In a world where many are afraid to disagree with me, tell me I’m wrong, or put me in my place; they will. They don’t care if I get upset. They just tell me the truth, and I love them for that. They keep me from making stupid decisions more often than you think.

My blessings are my loved ones. I have love for everyone. But I mean the ones I say “I love you” to. I don’t say those words easily. I probably haven’t said them to 10 people total in my entire life, outside of in a Christian way. Emotional intimacy is my greatest struggle. It always has been. I’m working to do better but it is a process. I’m not really an emotional person. I’m more of a pragmatist. It’s not the best way to be, but it’s all I know. So for people to know this and still stay in my life is a HUGE thing for me. So they are a very crucial blessing.

My “haters” are a blessing. Yes they ARE a blessing. They make me pay attention to the small details. They keep me from overlooking things. They keep me from giving into those rare cases of anger, and posting responses that would immediately undermine my brand and what I stand for. I’m human. And though I’m not an emotional person, I do have feelings, and I can give into them at times. My haters make me make sure to try my best not to do that.

And lastly, my blessings are you guys that support me. You have no idea how often the encouraging things you say and do for me have been the only bright spot in a rough day. I tend to be positive on my social media, so you rarely see, or hear, my pain. You guys always support my efforts, have positive things to say. You pick me up when I’m down. And I appreciate when I’m out in town and someone stops me that I haven’t met and introduce themselves as a Facebook friend, or Instagram/ Twitter follower. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to acknowledge my existence. You could have walked by without saying a word and I would have been none the wiser. So thank you for showing me that what I do make a difference.

I hope this gives a better insight to the REAL blessings in my life. Hopefully it will help you do the same. Take an introspective look at your life and find out what your REAL blessings are. You may be surprised with what you find out. Until next time….

God bless and dress well.

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing


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A Heart Felt Thank You

William Wilson ThinkingI usually post about my thoughts on business. But today I’m doing something different. This post is all about you guys.

I want to thank you all for your support, and help in growing William Wilson Clothing into the brand it is today. Thank you for the lessons you’ve taught me, and for all the encouragement. William Wilson Clothing will be 5 years old in November. I started it with no clothing, retail or apparel experience. I’ve never taken a fashion class, and I knew no one in the business. By all accounts, I was completely unqualified to be a clothing designer; let alone clothing for celebrities. I was totally lost, and I should have failed.  You guys have no idea how many times I was swinging in the breeze, and you came through for me when I needed you most. From volunteering at my golf event, to commenting on my blogs, to congratulating me when I posted news on social media, to purchasing my clothing and coming to my speaking events, you guys have been there.

Contrary to popular belief, there are times that I am down. Times that I feel completely lost. And times that I scared out of my mind that an idea won’t work. There were times I thought I was spinning my wheels, and just before I decided to pull the plug on a project, one of you would tell me “Keep up the good work.” or “You’re an inspiration.” You always came through when I needed it. You have always had my back, and that is something I could NEVER repay you for.

I even want to thank my “haters”. Yes, I want to thank you too. You made me pay attention to every single detail. You kept me on my toes. And thanks to your incessant critique, ridicule and negative comments, my brand is much stronger than it ever would have been without you. I’m sure you probably didn’t mean to, but you made me better. You made my company better.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing special about me. I’m a country boy, from a small town, in Arkansas. I live my life simple, because it’s what I understand. Growing up, all I had was a hope and a dream. When I see what God has done for me, it’s overwhelming. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, and as I lay in bed and look out at the Charlotte skyline, I find myself crying. Not from sadness. But from disbelief. I can’t believe my life. I can’t believe what God has done for me. I can’t believe the amazing support system (and that includes you) God has put in my life. I’m not overly gifted. I’m just a guy with ideas. And thanks to AMAZING people like you all, some of those ideas have come to fruition. I could never had done this without you. This has been an incredible journey so far. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I don’t know how long the success will last. And I can’t possibly imagine where this will go. But what I do know is, whereever this goes, I want God to be there. And I want you guys to be there too. I love you guys. And thank you again for all of your support. Until next time…..

God bless and dress well!

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

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Losing Weight Is No Excuse To Look Bad

William Wilson ThinkingLosing weight is no excuse to look bad. There’s no other way to say it. I often meet people that are losing weight, and they want to wait to order their custom suits. That makes PERFECT sense. Custom suits tend to come with a hefty price tag, and are made to your body. Since your body is changing, it makes no sense to order them. They won’t fit when they come in anyway. So what should you do if you want to keep looking good while you’re losing weight, you ask?

It’s a 2-step process. The first step is to get yourself an alterations person. This allows you to keep looking good without having to buy new clothes. It also serves three other purposes.

1. It keeps your clothes looking good on you, and allows you to feel good about your new body.

2. It allows you to show off that new body to the world.

3. It keeps you accountable to stay at your weight, or keep losing more. If you keep your clothes the same size, you don’t notice if you gain the weight back because you still fit into the clothes.

Of course, you can only get clothes tailored so much. Eventually, they can no longer be altered. This brings us to the second phase. Invest in less expensive (but not lesser quality) off the rack suits. Get them tailored as well. (I recommend my new William Everette collection) This allows you to maintain a clean, respectable, professional look while you lose weight, without spending a lot of money. I also recommend you purchase a blue suit and a grey suit. These are the 2 most common colors in business. And when worn with different shirts and ties, can provide you with numerous different looks while only using 2 suits. So it’s crafty, creative, and cost effective.

You may ask why this matters. Easy. The average person forms an opinion about someone, based solely off of their appearance in 2.9 seconds. In a world that is so highly competitive, your first impression may dictate whether or not you even get an opportunity for a first conversation. No one wants to do business with sloppy people. Sloppy clothing equals a sloppy appearance. A sloppy appearance means you live, work and act sloppy. This may not always be true, but it’s perception. And one’s perception is one’s reality. It doesn’t matter if you’re the smartest person in the room, if you look like the sloppiest. But then again, what do I know. I only dress people for a living. I could be wrong. Until next time……

God bless and dress well,

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

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Why Fear Is A Good Thing

William Wilson ThinkingI know you are thinking, “How can fear be a good thing?” You probably thinking of all the negative things that come with fear. Anxiety, nervousness, lack of sleep, on edge, and being in a constant state of uncertainty. Or as I like to call it, “ENTREPRENEURSHIP”. I know right about now, someone is thinking 2 Timothy 1:7 (For God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.) And I am not one to go against the Bible. But before you get on your holy high horse, we ALL do PLENTY of things on a regular basis that God didn’t give us a spirit of.  So let’s not be sanctimonious here please.

Fear is good for 3 reasons:

1. Fear makes you pay attention. When you are scared, you pay attention to everything around you. You look for anything out of place. You make sure you cover all of the vulnerabilities that you can. You make sure to dot your I’s, and cross your T’s. Kind of like when the police are behind you. You make sure you drive the speed limit, use your turn signals, have on your seat belt, and you don’t text and drive.

2. Fear makes you appreciate things. When you fear losing something, you pay more attention to it. It moves up your priority list. You either handle it yourself, or you put your BEST person on it. When you’re afraid you are about to lose your best client (or your significant other) you make sure to do everything you can to keep them. You stop focusing on how much more you can add to your portfolio, and focus on paying attention to what you already have.  After all, adding new customers, while losing old ones, is a net zero gain.

3. Last and most importantly. Fear means you’re taking a chance. If you start  a new venture and you’re not afraid it will fail, then you aren’t really taking a risk. You’re just playing it safe. You’re not making moves, you’re just treading water. That’s not to insult anyone. It’s just the truth. It isn’t always a bad thing. You shouldn’t try to always hit home runs. Sometimes you just need to get on base. But if you NEVER feel afraid of failure, embarrassment, or losing; you haven’t fully invested yourself in it.

Life is about taking chances. That’s why it’s a risk. I have been more successful than I deserve to be. And I fail. I FAIL A LOT! Every time I launch a new brand, begin a new initiative, or try an idea- I am scared to death it won’t work. The night before my William Wilson Celebrity Invitational Party I can barely sleep. That entire day I’m nervous people won’t show up. Then I’m nervous they won’t have a good time. I’m nervous the next day it’s going to rain, and people won’t get to play golf. My stomach is in knots that the celebrities that graciously give their time to come play won’t have a good time and won’t come back. Every year, God blesses me with a successful event, and the next year I’m just as nervous as before. This is not just the life of an entrepreneur. It’s life period. Take some chances. Get out of your comfort zone. Take a risk. Will you fail? Maybe. Can you guarantee your risk will pay off? No. But when you take a big chance, and you’re worried it won’t work. And you pray and you pray; and when the time comes, it works. There is no other feeling on Earth like it. Give it a shot. It just may work. Until next time…..

God bless and dress well.

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing.

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Help Me Enhance Your “Perspective”

I created The William Wilson Perspective, with one goal in mind; “Help as many people as I can”. I like to think that I have done that, but I want to be able to do more. So, in an attempt to be more interactive, I’m changing The Perspective from a text only format to a video/ text format. I will be answering questions, on video, that I receive from you via my Facebook fan page, or Twitter. So please send your questions to me. You can ask about anything, business, branding, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, how to dress, or just the way I approach life. As long as they aren’t too personal, I will answer just about any type of question.

I look forward to using this format to help as many people as possible. Please understand I may not be able to answer ever question that I’m asked. Maybe some of you will have the same question, which I often encounter. But I will do everything I can to answer them as I can.

This post in an example of  the new “vlog” format. Archives of posts will be here at The William Wilson Perspective. But they will also be available on my YouTube channel ” The William Wilson. Feel free to subscribe to both my blog and my YouTube channel. I hope to hear from you soon. Until next time….

God bless and dress well.

William Wilson, CEO

William Wilson Clothing

William Wilson Thinking

William Wilson

I was talking with a friend of mine, Keith Cradle, and I made the statement “Hustling isn’t the same as being an entrepreneur.” Regardless of what bravado you hear spew from the mouths of rappers, or words if wisdom you receive from the guy “getting his grind on”; hustling is NOT entrepreneurship. Hustlers are out to  make money, however they can make it. It’s their sole purpose in life. Entrepreneurs are out to make money as well. But hustlers lack commitment, dedication and sacrifice. They will try something for a while, and if it doesn’t make them money quick enough, they are off to the next “great idea”. We all know that guy that is always starting something new, always has a plan, and is always “on the grind”, but never seems to be actually accomplishing anything. THAT is a hustler. Always busy, never producing. Wanting something really bad doesn’t mean your committed, and chasing money doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs understand there’s a process. They know there is no such thing as a “get rich quick” scheme. Entrepreneurs understand that success is going to come with sacrifice, commitment, joys and failures. They know that it takes time to become successful. They know it will consume significant amounts of their days AND nights. In short, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not a career. Many of you won’t want to hear this, but the fact is, you’re not built for entrepreneurship. You’re not built to sacrifice relationships, personal pleasure, and recreation in order to succeed. You’re not willing to eat Ramen Noodles for months in order to follow your dream. To get up at 5:30 every morning, and go to bed after midnight every night. To shop at Wal-Mart or K-Mart, instead of the mall, in order to invest more money into your business. To sit at home on a Saturday night doing research, while your friends are out partying in the club. You’d rather buy the new Jordans, or the new Louis Vuitton purse than to invest in a wardrobe that presents you as a professional (like a custom suit from William Wilson – LOL). You’re not willing to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat wondering how you’re gonna make enough money to cover the rent. You’re not ready to tell your boyfriend/ girlfriend they are going to have to come second. You can’t party like your friends; because you see a bigger picture, and you have a bigger dream. It’s not in you. And it isn’t like Gatorade, you can’t just buy some. Big dreams require big heart, big commitment, big focus and enormous dedication. It requires a thick skin, and a ton of faith and resilience. Contrary to what some will tell you, entrepreneurship is more than business cards, websites, Facebook statuses and networking events. A business is a living breathing thing. And if you aren’t willing to commit to it, like you would a child, you have no business starting one. You’re just wasting your time. But if you are willing to sacrifice and withstand the worst that life may have to offer, and still keep fighting, then you just may have it in you. Only you know what you’re willing to give up. Until next time….. God bless and dress well, William Wilson, CEO William Wilson Clothing Follow William on Twitter: @TheClothier